A young man waits at a gay bar for the man of his dreams to walk in. He’s not disappointed. He’s even more shocked when he finds out that the man is his brother’s friend from college. A really good friend, it seemed. But within minutes of meeting each other, J.P. Miller’s life is changed forever — by the man who calls himself Scorpio.


The local confederate doctor, David LaCroix was a member of the Confederacy in Union-occupied New Orleans. The only doctor that still makes house calls, he takes his Hippocratic Oath very seriously. But when a Union soldier with an injury comes to his home, he can’t turn him away — not only because of his Oath, but because he’s just the man he’s been looking for.


Dan Gold has gone as far as his money can take him: Kansas City. He plans to make a new life for himself, away from his family. Instead he meets a farmer, known as a loner and a Rain-maker. This man helps Dan to realize what he’s really meant to be.


  • Cancer
    Two outcasts in 1930’s Kansas City meet and one becomes the man he’s meant to be.
  • Pisces
    A young doctor in Union-occupied New Orleans questions his affiliation with the Confederacy and his own passion for a dashing Union sergeant.
  • Scorpio
    Jay Miller goes to The Garden, a gay bar in St. Louis, and finds himself an angel who turns out to be a breaker of taboos.