Joey has just lost his brother, and goes to get flowers for the funeral. The florist pays the Outfit, so he’s safe to do business with. But when the Outfit wants to collect more money from this humble florist, Joey finds out that the florist is not as kind and gentle as he first seems.


For the third time, Isaiah has been kicked in the ribs and realizes he needs help on his cattle farm. A traveling cowboy answers his ad. After an accident leaves Isaiah lame for a while, the cowboy becomes his healer, nursemaid, and lover.

If only Isaiah would let him.


Jack Casement has two months to complete 1,800 miles of track to Promissory Summit and win $1,000. It’s a race that he plans to win. But he’s gone against his purpose in life: protecting the Earth. Lady Ishtar gives him those same two months to find an heir. He finds a lover instead.

Will this new man conquer Jack, and become his new heir?


  • Capricorn
    It’s a race that the Earth-mover plans to win.
  • Taurus
    The eyes are the mirror of the soul.
  • Virgo
    In 1930’s Chicago, gangsters rule the streets. You’re either with them or you’re dead.