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Still here!

I haven’t disappeared. I started writing Aries II, but I lost interest. My Muses have decided to go on vacation (or get locked down for Covid, who knows). Health issues are still a priority and a distraction. Now I’m going to physical therapy for my twisted, torn up ankle. There’s…

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I’ve been hanging out there mostly, posting items from my WIP Aries II. Yes, I’m redoing the Brothers of the Zodiac, because the first batch is…meh. My twitter is @maxwelltauthor  

Gay supes.

Here’s what I’m working on now. A guy who is questionably moral is forced to take in some boys who show super powers, and he’s to train them. Of course, he’s gay, but not sure about the boys. Who’s POV? Right now, it’s one of the kid’s, but I want…