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Gay supes.

Here’s what I’m working on now.

A guy who is questionably moral is forced to take in some boys who show super powers, and he’s to train them. Of course, he’s gay, but not sure about the boys.

Who’s POV? Right now, it’s one of the kid’s, but I want to tell it from the ambiguous POV of the main character. I developed this character based on what I wish I could get away with. Morally, anyway. What artist doesn’t want to kill off their micro-managing boss? What writer doesn’t make the assholes they met up with in their lives the antagonists? Isn’t that the point of writing?

My point in writing is to fulfil the fantasies I have/had. That’s what I did with the erotica and romance. Now…there are other plot ideas that I want to explore, test out. But I don’t want them to be just a mess of words with no story. No beginning, middle, or end. No purpose.

Do you want more romance? Or a coming of age tale? Does it matter?

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