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When Writing = PITA

Most of the time, I can write on command. However, these past few months since my diagnosis, I’m lucky if I can get dialogue out. Health is everything.

It’s especially difficult writing romance and Happily Ever After stories in this pandemic age. Reading them is not a problem. But writing set before or after this pandemic is a stretch of the imagination. You have to remember what it was like before, and imagine what it will be like after. With people beating each other up on planes and politicians flip-flopping due to polls, it’s hard to trust in a HEA. In the moment, it seems so hokey.

Paranormal Romance is still selling well. After working on the Brothers of the Zodiac series, nothing has come to me other than shape-shifting dragons and hunky werewolves. That’s been done. A lot.

However the problem is putting this story out on Amazon, where there is more smut and trash than quality erotica/romance. You have to wade through the crap to get to my stuff, thank you very much. Since I’m doing paranormal romance vs erotica, there’s more to the story than just Came, Saw, Conquered, Came. There has to be a story. And there is a formula.

Boy meets boy. Boy hates boy. Boy and boy get put together in a situation where they have to trust each other. Boy lets other boy in. They have sex at least once. There’s a final situation where boy has to rely on boy to save him. Boy saves boy. HEA.

Booooooring. But that’s the trope. I wrote it 12 times.

I need to do the same. Only different.

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