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I’ve been hanging out there mostly, posting items from my WIP Aries II. Yes, I’m redoing the Brothers of the Zodiac, because the first batch is…meh. My twitter is @maxwelltauthor  

Descent – Intro

Summoned from the depths of the underworld, the twelve Mul.a.Pin come to Earth to help Lady Ishtar in her quest for blessings on the people.  Although humanity has remembered Ishtar in only myths and stories, She lives on in the hearts of the men She chooses from Erishkigal’s domain. Every…

Devour – 7

7. Shane was used to men running to him, being out of breath when they arrived in front of him. It meant that he was the most important thing to that person in that moment. “I’m glad you could make it,” said Shane to Emrys. He crossed the distance between…