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Descent – Intro

Summoned from the depths of the underworld, the twelve Mul.a.Pin come to Earth to help Lady Ishtar in her quest for blessings on the people. 

Although humanity has remembered Ishtar in only myths and stories, She lives on in the hearts of the men She chooses from Erishkigal’s domain. Every time she chooses a new man, a warrior, a king, a servant, She must divest Herself of all things, and present to Her sister, who will then kill Her.

Once dead, Lady Ishtar can walk among the souls of the dead, to select the next man who will embody the traits of their named sign. Upon finding the correct soul, She finds her way out of the realm of the Dead—and brings the man’s soul forth with Her.

Reborn into a man that lives until his soul mate is found, the man who embodies the Mul.a.Pin must perform feats which bless or succeeds with humanity. Every 120 years, they gather together to sing the praises of Lady Ishtar. Only until recently has She appeared to them.

When a man finds his soul mate, he ages and dies. 

So the cycle begins again, with Lady Ishtar descending to the underworld…

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