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I’m Back!

Last updated on May 21, 2021

Did you miss me? It’s been over two years since I’ve contacted anyone about my writing. Let me tell you what put me out on this hiatus and let you know…


Why I left.

Life is the short answer. Work, depression, health, forcing myself to write too many things, reading other authors’ stuff and realizing it was better, wondering if I could succeed in this erotica niche. My stories got shorter and shorter until I realized that my self-imposed deadlines were far too short for me to treat the zodiac signs with the right justice they deserved.

Why I’m back.

Work has been eliminated. I now have a chronic medical condition that keeps me out of work. That’s what happens when you start to lose the fight.

When that happened, I realized I have a limited amount of time on this plane of existence, and SO MANY STORIES to write. Other authors’ stories have influenced mine. I wrote a few bits of fan fiction for myself; none of them quite as erotic as the stories I’ve published. Let’s face it, when dealing with a chronic illness, erotic thoughts are pretty far down on the list of things I think of. But I’ve honed my writing and hopefully will be able to create a story, not just a sex scene.

What this means.

First, I’m going to return to the universe where Brothers of the Zodiac took place. I’m going to flesh it out a little more for you, so you can see my vision of what I was trying to do. However, Zach Snyder’s Justice League this is not; the next book I write is original and goes back to the beginning.

Second, I will present to you more adventures, not necessarily of the immortals that you know, but maybe the immortals that came before and after them. (How can that be? Ah, you’ll see.) A couple of the characters I created I really liked and will bring them back. Some other zodiac signs will be a little closer to their sun sign traits. And most of all, I’ll give each of them a longer book.

This means, for you, that it might take a while for me to get back around to your sun sign. I can only type 80 words a minute with three errors on a good day. If you are a fan and have an interest in me working on a certain sign first, drop me a line at me (at) I will be happy to hear from you.

So, look for my next newsletter, which will announce my newest book!

Thanks for sticking by me.


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